The Best Tactical Vest Reviews For Paintball & Airsoft 2024

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Last Update: March 24, 2024

Go to any busy paintball or airsoft field and you will almost always see the more hardcore players decked out in full tac gear. Not only does it look awesome, but the tactical vest they are no doubt wearing provides them with a ton of useful features that standard overalls do not. From extra capacity for magazines and ammo tubes, to adding an extra layer of padding and protection against hits, to helping keep your entire kit neatly organized and in place. 

Our number one recommendation for players looking to start adding to their gear after a high quality mask, is usually that they should look into finding a military vest to get the most bang for their buck. Some solid tactical pants would probably come next. It is a great piece of gear to have, airsoft vests can really add that extra layer of padding so hits have reduced impact and all those pockets can really come in handy. Below we have selected our top 5 picks to that combine comfort, high quality materials and overall best value for your dollar, as well as a guide to help answer any questions you might have when it comes to choosing from all the various designs out there. We highlight key features you should look for and dive into the many benefits that come from equipping yourself with a tactical vest.

 Our Top 5 Picks For Best Tactical Vest of 2024

Empire BT  Tactical Battle Vest

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Specifically designed for paintball by the masters at Empire Paintball, This vest is a great combo of lightweight but strong materials and functionality. The zippered front makes getting into and out of this chest rig super easy, and the 8 ammo container pouches are designed to hold 140 count pods, which means you can carry around as much extra paintballs as needed. It is also a great choice as an airsoft vest, as the pouches are perfectly sized for spare magazines as well. 

There is also a pouch on the back that allows you to strap your tank in for easy carrying, great for those running paintball guns with line systems. This is the same high quality construction Empire has built their reputation on and this tactical vest is no slouch. There is also a pouch in the back where you can add a camelback drinking bladder if you are going to be playing extended games in the heat. While the light weight materials don't offer too much in terms of padding/protection, it means it is easy to move around in and breathes nicely ontop of your other gear. This is one of the best pieces of tactical gear we have used consistently on the field every time we play.

Bakara VX-200 Tactical Vest

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This military/swat style vest is a great all round option for both paintball and airsoft players. It is made from very durable materials so you can really thrash on it, get it dirty and it will withstand pretty much whatever you can throw at it. The pouches and various components are made from heavier materials, while the overall vest webbing itself is more of a light weight mesh, which is nice for keeping you cool. 

The pouch layout is pretty intuitive and the added right hand draw pistol holder is a nice touch. If you have a paintball pistol or airsoft gun it should fit nicely, leaving you backup on hand for a quick draw. They also included a tactical belt with this vest, which is a nice bonus and really looks awesome. The front pouches will hold most standard sized ammo containers or spair airsoft magazines. Overall this is our favorite looking tactical vest, it has a slim profile but looks very badass, great for simulation players who want a good balance of weight, functionality and range of movement.

Condor MCR5 Chest Rig

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For those looking for a more light weight option, this chest rig offers less chest protection but an increased range of movement and is lighter and less restricting than the full tac vest version below. It still comes with plenty of pouches for ammo and gear, and like all MOLLE gear, it is easily expandable or adjustable to match your preference. 

This is a great choice for those players who really love to stay mobile on the field. Also, for those players who spend most of their time outdoors in hot climates, the lack of an extra layer of chest and back cover means there is less risk of overheating and you stay cool. The MCR5 chest rig is made from the same high quality, rugged materials as the MOPC, but is more focused on being a lightweight gear transportation system vs a full chest protector and tactical vest. Great for agile and quick players who want to keep extra ammo on hand but not feel like their range of movement is restricted in any way.

WASING Military Style MOLLE Tactical Vest

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This heavy duty tactical vest is made of slightly heavier materials than some of the others on this list, abandoning lightweight mesh for a more protective/padded design. There is an adjustable chest plate that is covered with Velcro, making adding or removing additional pockets easy. The four front gear pouches can hold extra paintballs or airsoft magazines, while the front and back are use the standard MOLLE gear system to allow customization as you see fit.

This vest also comes with a small removable rear pouch that you can use to store any extra pieces of gear, such as cleaning squeegees, multi tools or maintenance kits. This 4 pocket tactical vest is a simpler choice with the tradeoff for added padding against hits. A well rounded vest that will keep you covered and maintain a decent range of movement on the field.

Condor MOPC MOLLE Vest

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One of the best tactical vests for both paintball and airsoft players, the Condor MOPC is a high quality, rugged piece of gear that doubles as a chest protector thanks to the heavy duty fabric and padding. This vest uses the awesome MOLLE system which makes adding any combination of  utility pouches, holsters or extra ammo/mag carrying systems quick and easy. 

The inner lining is a mesh based material which helps the vest breathe and quickly dry, perfect if you play outdoors in the heat and tend to sweat. This tactical vest is a bit bulkier than some of the other designs out there but when you take the added padding and protection into account it makes sense. MOLLE designs are perfect for players who are constantly adding and fine tuning their kit, which makes this one of the best tactical vests for those looking for sheer versatility. Rugged, versatile and durable sums up the Condor MOPC Military vest.