Planet-Paintball…We Have Paintball On The Brain!

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The planet-paintball team was formed back in early 2008 when a group of friends met at a local field in Seattle and decided to build a website to chronicle all our paintball adventures and our opinions on the latest paintball guns and gear. Interacting with other hardcore paintball players each week gives us a unique opportunity to get hands on experience with a wide variety of equipment and provide our feedback here for you!

We prefer hardcore tactical simulation and woodsball but are never opposed an afternoon of intense speedball from time to time! Our team tends to favor paintball markers from Tippmann and Empire, but we do have hands on experience with other paintball guns as well, there is no real bias here. As long as it shoots straight and hits hard we are happy! We love sharing our passion with anyone interested in paintball, whether you are looking for reviews to help you decide on your first paintball gun, or are looking for some tips and tricks to get the most out of your gear from veterans who play every week. We have you covered. While we take this sport seriously, our main objective is of course to have fun and we embrace players of all skill levels and experience. There is something special about the first time you step onto the field and the adrenaline surges into your veins. Young or old we believe this is a fantastic hobby that everyone should try at least once in their life! Just remember to always wear a protective paintball mask!

Our goal is to provide you unbiased feedback from real players with no sponsorship or endorsements to cloud our opinons as to what the best paintball guns and gear on the market are, a debate we have among our team on an almost weekly basis. Tippmann, Empire, Spyder…..the battle rages on 🙂 Most importantly, get out there, get dirty and have FUN.

-Planet-Paintball Crew