Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns For Sale In 2023

Last Update: Jan 13 2023

Over the last couple years a few members of our team have dived heavily into the airsoft community in addition to the usual paintball fun. Airsoft is another adrenaline filled action sport that is steadily gaining popularity year over year.  We figured we would put together this hands on buyers guide to help anyone looking to get into the sport find the best airsoft gun to fit their budget and needs. There is a huge variety of different models to choose from, from cheaper plastic models all the way up to more expensive full metal airsoft guns designed to give you a super realistic experience. Our goal is to help you find the right one for your needs, from fun target shooting to more intense simulation games for hardcore players.

We have had the opportunity to get hands on with quite a few different models and are happy to share our thoughts below. That way you can avoid the low quality knock-offs that will break in a week and know you are investing in quality gear, as with all our reviews. Quick disclaimer: Almost all models are usually designed to look like real weapons, and while many have the orange saftey stripe on the barrel, that is not always apparent. Be sure to take care when transporting your weapons, as it is easy to mistake them for real guns which could lead to misunderstandings with law enforcement and have deadly consequences. Just use common sense and you should be fine. Also, due to the smaller size and increased velocity of Airsoft BB's compared to paintballs it is even more important to invest in a quality airsoft mask and goggles for eye protection. 

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Top Rated Airsoft Guns of 2023

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Valken Tactical AEG V2.0

valken tactical AEG review

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For players looking for the best of the best, Valken is probably a familiar name. One of the highest end manufacturers of airsoft gear, they have been dominating the market lately. Their tactical AEG is made from high density composite materials with full metal internals. This means steel gearbox, barrel, trigger assembly etc. All the parts that wear and tear on cheaper plastic guns. 

The integrated rail system allows you to add a forward grip, or change out the sights to whatever type you prefer. Thanks to the light weight composite materials that make up a majority of this gun, the weight factor isn't an issue, which means you will expend less energy on the field. the telescoping butt stock is a nice addition, easily adjustable for players of different sizes while giving added stability in a standard firing posture. Those who want a heavier realistically weighted gun model, might do better looking at some of the other models on our list, but that novelty can wear off pretty quick carrying a heavy gun around all day in the sun.

Perfect for: Passionate airsoft players who want one of the best airsoft guns for sale in 2023. The higher price makes it less attractive for beginners, but for those who are already into the game and want to invest in their key pieces of gear, the Valken AEG 2.0 is an awesome choice.

COLT M4 Full Auto Electric Airsoft Gun

best airsoft gun colt M4

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The Colt M4 is one of our favorite models on the market right now. The overall construction is metal, with some plastic accent pieces. The gearbox and gears that make up the electric firing mechanism are all metal too, which means this gun  is rugged and durable. Even with the high rate of fire from the 300 capacity magazine (also metal) this gun is quite accurate.

This gun fires the typical 6mm airsoft BBs at an awesome 395 FPS. This is our top pick for overall quality vs price and is a bargain, especially when you factor in the included battery pack. This isn't some cheap imitation, this model is officially licensed from Colt.

Perfect for: Players who want a realistic, well balanced option that wont break the bank in terms of price. High accuracy, the metal internals and a powerful muzzle velocity make this one of our favorite compact assault rifle models, when you add a red dot sight, it becomes super deadly.

Replica Tactical AK47

ak47 airsoft gun

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The AK47 is hands down one of the most iconic weapons of all time. And Soft Air knocked it outta the park with their high end licensed replica. From the same manufacturer as the the M4 above, this is a love letter to the classic assault rifle. The body is metal with the stock and grips made from a high density polymer. There is a flip fown front grip and the rear stock folds to drastically shorten the length of the rifle, great for CQB scenario play. 

The large magazine holds up to 550 bbs and the electric firing mechanism unloads them at 380FPS. The gear box and gears are all metal just like the M4 above. This AK47 airsoft gun comes with an included battery pack and charger, so you are good to go right out the box. The difference between this and the other 2 cheap plastic, spring firing AK's we tested was like night and day. If you are looking for a high end Airsoft AK, this is it.

Perfect for: Those looking for the highest quality AK47 airsoft gun on the market. Everything about this gun screams attention to detail and has a premium feel. The polymer grips give it a special forces feel vs the traditional wooden AK look. A little bulkier than the M4, so tight quarters players might want to fold in the stock, or take a look at the mini AK down below.

Lancer AEG SR-16 Auto Electric Rifle

Lancer sr-16

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For players who prefer to attack from a distance, or provide sniper cover, this is the gun for you. The longer barrel means an extended range and higher accuracy. Not to mention an significantly higher shooting velocity of 425 FPS. The longer barrel does mean a bit more of a bulky loadout, so if tight interior play spaces are your thing, maybe go for the shorter M4 style weapons. The standardized rail system means you can add scopes, red dot sights or under barrel grips to customize it to fit your play style.

The magazine on this one holds 300 bbs and it also comes with the rechargeable battery out of the box. The steel gearbox means the internals will hold up to repeated use without breaking, unlike some cheaper spring powered models. The mix of accuracy and power make this the best beginner airsoft gun on our list. It also makes the Lancer SR-16 a top choice for players looking to do target shooting.

Perfect for: Players looking for a rifle with a high range to engage players across the field. Perfect balance of power and accuracy, and the ability to customize your setup makes it easy to recommend as the best airsoft gun for beginners. You can get it in gunmetal black or military tan.

Lancer AEG Mk18 Mod 0 Auto Electric Airsoft Rifle

lancer mk 18

Planet PB Review Score

Another rock solid M4 style gun to make our list. The SR-16 from Lancer is great for those looking for a CQB model that has both high power and added accuracy thanks to the included front grip. While not an official licensed model from colt like our top pic, that really has no impact on the quality here. Lancer went over the top in their attention to detail. This model has a fairly realistic weight to it, so it might not be the best choice for younger players or those who prefer a light weight loadout.

As with most of the models we recommend this is an electric airsoft gun, that comes with a 9.6v battery and charger. The SR-16 is available in both a high velocity (390 FPS) or a low velocity (330 FPS) model. The high velocity model was slightly more accurate during out tests, but that is to be expected. Both come equipped with a steel gear box, high capacity magazine and extendable stock. You can also easily get spare magazines at a super cheap price, so if you like to carry multiple spares, be sure to grab a couple.

Perfect for: CQB players who like M4 style guns, and those players who like a more realistically weighted weapon. 

Soft Air WW2 Thompson M1A1 Metal Replica

ww2 thompson

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There is no school like the old school! If you are a WW2 buff, then this is the perfect choice for you. For players who love to play ww2 scenario games you can't get much better than this. Soft Air create this 1:1 full metal replica with love. The real wood accents are gorgeous and the full metal body looks and feels exactly like the real thing. 

There is semi auto or full auto firing modes, and you can replace the standard issue stick style magazine with a huge drum mag, for a more old school gangster look. The only downside with this one is that due to the insanely premium construction, the price range is a bit higher than other models on this list. But if you got a little extra cash, this is an extremely satisfying gun to shoot, firing off BBs at 400 FPS at a rate of 14 per second on full auto. 

Perfect for: Players with a higher budget for premium gear, WW2 fanatics or fans of scenario play. Those who want one of the most realistic WW2 airsoft guns on the market.

Lancer modern M16

lancer m16 airsoft gun

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While the M16 shares a lot of design similarities, there are certain notable differences. The longer barrel means a boost in accuracy, while the extended stock adds stability. For medium range engagement and target shooting these are a nice added benefit. If you like to play tighter CQB style games, then a shorter barrel M4 would be a better choice. You can remove the classic carry handle, and collapse the stock to lower the overall profile. 

This is a 1:1 replica of the traditional M16, realistic sized and less like a toy than most cheap plastic knockoffs. Lancer pays attention to small details and has a high quality bar when it comes their lineup. The metal gear system is tuned to fire at 400FPS, a typical high velocity range. There is a fire mode selector that allows for both semi-auto and full automatic firing.  This is also one of the few mid range models that comes bundled with 1000 0.20g BBs, a thoughtful touch.

Perfect for: Beginner or seasoned players, looking for a high quality rifle with good accuracy at medium to long range. Fans of the traditional M16 will be thrilled with the attention to detail and accurate reproduction of this classic American rifle.

BBTac BT-6805a Mini AK47

full metal ak47 airsoft gun

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For those who love close quarters or indoors play, this is a great option. Styled after the Russian special forces compact version of the AK-47, the AK-74u. The size difference is quite extreme, coming in somewhere between a pistol and a full sized rifle. The lack of stock and shortened barrel means you can be super agile and maneuverable when clearing hallways or rooms. 

The smaller size means a reduced magazine capacity, only holding 250 shots, which sounds like a lot but on full auto it pales in comparison to the 400-500 others on this list carry. The overall construction is amazing, this is a full metal airsoft gun with rubberized accents for the grips, which is great for dealing with sweaty hands from intense play, for those who don't wear tactical gloves. The top rail system allows you to easily add a red dot sight for quick target aquisition. The size and weight are as close to the real thing as you can get this side of signing up for the Spetznaz.

Perfect for: CQB fanatics or those wanting to keep their loadout small and efficient. The smaller size means quicker and easier movement on the field. The metal construction can take quite a beating. The price range put it in the enthusiast range, and the smaller magazine makes it less suited for longer games, but it is one super cool piece of gear for tactical players.

BlackOps Classic M16

classic M16

Planet PB Review Score

Another classic looking rifle. This time from the Vietnam era, the traditional M16. The body is made from composite polymer keeps the overall weight down, while the metal internals keep it firing smoothly. This M16 is a bit bulkier than the other weapons on our list, but that is just the nature of the classic design before it was iterated on for the more compact M4. 

If you are into historical scenario play this is a fun choice, with the traditional ironsights giving a more challenging style of shooting than a modern red dot or acog style scope. The magazine holds 300 rounds and if you use the lighter weight 0.12g bb's the black ops M16 fires them at 420 fps. We would recommend a heavier round, like the traditional 0.20 however, as the overall accuracy will be higher with only a slight drop off in muzzle velocity. The longer barrel aids in accurate shooting and on single shot mode we were hitting our targets consistently. There is also full auto availible via the firing mode toggle switch.

Perfect for: Fans of historical scenario play, and those looking for a basic but reliable and fun rifle with decent accuracy. 

Soft Air FN SCAR 

fn scar cheap airsoft guns

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For players on a tighter budget, the soft air FN SCAR could be what you are looking for. It is available in both a semi/full auto electric version and a cheaper spring loaded version. This is a lower velocity rifle, firing at 260 FPS, while the magazine holds 200 rounds. We would recommend going for the electric firing model, the price difference vs performance makes it a clear choice. the accuracy is lower than other models on our list, but that is just a downside of a lower shooting velocity.

The SCAR comes with the vertical front grip, and a foldable telescoping stock which makes the gun surprisingly compact when folded. The top rail system makes adding a red dot sight easy, and you can remove the classic folding iron sights. You can find the SCAR in both flat black and desert tan color schemes.

Perfect for: Beginner players or those on a tighter budget looking for a cheaper option that is reliable and high quality.

2023 Comparison Chart

Model Name

Fire Power

Our Rating

Price Range

Valken AEG 2.0



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$$$ - Check Current Price

Tactical AK47



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Lancer SR-16



$$$ - Check Current Price

Lancer MK18 Mod 0



$$$ - Check Current Price

Soft Air Thompson



$$$$ - Check Current Price

Lancer M16



$$$ - Check Current Price

BBTac Mini AK47



$$$ - Check Current Price

BlackOps Classic M16



$$$ - Check Current Price

Soft Air FN SCAR



$$ - Check Current Price

2023 In Depth Buyers Guide

Much like our paintball gun buyers guide, the same key factors come into play when choosing an airsoft rifle. Budget, overall quality and intended use/play style. How much weight you give to each category is up to you! Beginner players might not have a huge budget, and might be willing to sacrifice not having a high end model but choose a solid all round option that allows them to taste everything the sport has to offer, from CQB interior scenario play to larger open field games. Those looking to do some fun target shooting might opt for a model with a semi auto firing mode and a high FPS muzzle velocity to get more accuracy out of each shot. Clearly defining your goals and budget will really help you find the best airsoft gun for your needs. Airsoft doesn't have to be a super expensive sport to get into, and we recommend investing in your gear and upgrading over time if you find yourself really passionate about it. You don't need to show up dressed in full tactical gear to have a great time!

Spring Powered VS Electric Airsoft Guns

Lets start with one of the biggest points that people repeatedly email us about. Are spring powered models any good?? Well, in almost every case they are easily left in the dust by the higher end electric airsoft guns. Now there are some exceptions, such as some of the awesome bolt action sniper rifles on the market but unless you are into hardcore target shooting or playing a dedicated sniper role in scenario games, electric is the way to go. 

Spring powered models are almost always single shot only, and need to be cocked or have a charging handle pumped between each shot. When playing against players with electric firing mechanisms you will be dominated. With the option of full auto or even semi auto firing, there is little hope for someone who has to cock their gun in between shots. Its the equivalent of a musket VS a machine gun. Most spring powered guns fire at a much lower FPS as well, which means decreased accuracy, and lower range. If you want to do simple target shooting by all means, consider any model that suits your needs! But for tactical and scenario field play, electric airsoft guns are the way to go.

WARNING: Avoid Cheap Airsoft Guns!

Now one of the biggest mistakes you could make would be to pick a cheap, toy like option. And make no mistake there are hundreds out there. When we were diving into the market, we decided to test out some of these cheap options and the results were hilarious and also shocking. The first sign of something wrong was when it seemed too good to be true. There are a ton of bundles of 3-10 spring powered guns for under $100 found easily online.

Avoid bundles like this set of spring powered, cheap plastic guns.

It seems like an amazing deal, but when we ordered one of the 7 gun bundles, within a week 4 of them had broken or malfunctioned in some way. 3 of them the Spring or charging handle snapped and one of them had a nasty habit of randomly misfiring. And that is not just disappointing, that's straight up dangerous. Even at the lower FPS these guns shoot at, there is still the possibility of injury and that is just not acceptable or worthy of recommendation.